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In the past, paternity tests were not very popular because they showed a sense of distrust among spouses. But modern times and lifestyle 2059 small The Importance Of Paternity Testshas led to a boom in the DNA test and testing industry making such tests very common. Paternity tests are a common source of information used in proving that an individual is the biological father of a child. The test results have been admissible in court cases as valid evidence especially during child custody cases and child support claims. The Paternity DNA test have also been used in divorce cases as grounds for divorce to prove that a spouse, either husband or wife, has been unfaithful.

Being able to find out who the actual biological father of a child is at an early age can help save the child’s life. This is because there have been more and more cases of people contracting hereditary diseases in recent time. Early detection is the key to curing many of these illnesses. Unfortunately, early detection of a disease often requires selective screening where a person is tested for one particular illness or condition at a time. This method of disease detection is very costly and time consuming; if you know the child’s father, then you only need to test for the hereditary conditions and sicknesses that have been experienced in the family. The test can also be used to prove the citizenship of a child if it is being disputed.

One of the reviews received from a user of the DNA Paternity test kit in a paternity testing sites said,  “Hi Customer Rep, thanks it is great service, you save me a bunch of valuable time and money in my small one person business. Thanks for being there and providing this valuable service, it is quick, painless and inexpensive, what more could we ask for?”

Many people don’t like the hassle of going to the hospital to carry out tests like these unless it is an emergency. The consultation and laboratory charges at hospitals are also very discouraging not to mention the amount of paperwork you have to fill out. In some cases, paternity tests need discretion, this test allows you to carry out the test without the knowledge of anybody else. With the Paternity DNA hair Test kit, you don’t need to know how to read a DNA paternity test.  A mother can run home DNA tests on the potential father’s hair samples without informing him or he can run tests on his own without the knowledge of the child’s mother. This level of discretion has made the paternity testing kit very popular as it does not raise suspicion of distrust in the family.


The Home DNA test (Paternity-Hair) comes in a very convenient package that provides you with everything you need to collect samples and carry out the test. Furthermore, included in the buying price is a pre-paid return envelope that allows you to send the samples to the Test Country labs for detailed testing.

This DNA hair test is designed for only two people, the child and potential father. You are required to collect 6 to 10 strands of hair from each subject. Make sure that the roots or follicles are unbroken. It is advisable to collect the strands directly from the scalp of the subject because taking strands of hair from a comb or brush may give inaccurate results.

The next thing you need to do after collecting the sufficient amount of strands of hair for home paternity testing is to put them in a plastic zip-lock bag and then fill the DNA paternity testing form provided in the kit then mail the package to the labs using the address provided.  It is also possible to run the legal paternity tests using the subject’s saliva (buccal) or blood. In the case of using a blood sample, you must consult a doctor to know how much blood to extract from the child being tested.


The tests are carried out at a reliable AABB accredited Lab where the samples are analysed for the identification of 15 different DNA markers in order to increase the accuracy of the result. However the result is only 80% accurate; 100% precision is very rare. The test results will be at your disposal in 5 to 7 days and will be delivered at any place of your choosing. People buying this product from places outside the U.S.A are responsible for all the extra shipping costs to the country.


The Paternity DNA hair test kit by Test Country costs $ 295 which it’s the price of the DNA sample collection equipment; the cost of doing the test in the AABB accredited Lab and the pre-paid overnight FedEx postage as well as the documentation such as the paternity test consent form. The DNA Ireland Paternity tests have a similar procedure and is sold for € 259. Other legally acceptable DNA tests cost between $ 240 and $ 480 depending on the source of the DNA sample.

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